Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Note to Self.

I am not alone in my car.

I am not alone in my car. When "Nasty" by Janet Jackson or "Somebody Else's Guy" by Jocelyn Brown comes on, it is not okay to belt it out and do an upper-body running-man. It is not okay to talk out loud about the traffic or what I have to do when I get home, when it is clear I have no ear bud attached to me and my scratched-ass minicar is not outfitted with a speaker phone. It is not okay to talk back to the radio deejays, to gyrate, or to yell at other drivers and make gestures.

It is not okay, because my windows are not tinted and I forget. People, being nosey and intrusive, are liable to look at me in my car and shame me with their judging glances so that I cannot safely commit these behaviors. It is not alright to be illegal in the car, which is a lot easier in D.C. now that one drink could mean you are rolling peril. It is not okay to talk to my friends because a police man might yell at me "THAT'S A $100 TICKET" like one did today, a comment I found startling, not to mention unnecessarily true.

When I am seen flipping someone off or talking to myself or having my own private "American Idol," that is when I become not only me in my car but also, a travesty behind glass. I must remember this in order to avoid becoming a source of entertainment or revenue on the streets of Washington.


  1. Anonymous9:20 PM

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  2. damn.

    you getting props.

  3. It's so sad. Make the spam stop!

  4. Anonymous3:59 PM

    I think you're just in the wrong part of town! You need to head northeast on Rhode Island Ave. grrrl!

  5. Anonymous12:49 PM

    i'm with kpc -- their laws should be illegal and your car is your own private fiefdom, queendom, or possibly republic, population you, ruled by you. maybe you ought to allocate some of the royal treasury funds to some window tint or perhaps just a gun rack to scare off the potential shame-givers?

    signed, singing loud and proud in TX..

  6. Thanks for the support. Though my outbursts are profanity are wrong, singing is not and should be encouraged. I once read that almost every Cameron Crowe movie has a shot of a character(s) singing in a car (think about it... Jerry Maguire, Vanilla Sky, Almost Famous, Say Anything...). I wonder if this is true of Elizabethtown?


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