Monday, February 13, 2006


Before getting into my dentist visit from today, I'd like to give a shout out to the ONDCP for the most disturbing ad I've seen in quite some time. I walked by a mall billboard showing an artificially compressed girl today, after already having been traumatized by the TV version, and watched to see if the teens passing by happened to glance at it and acknowledge how graphically and effectively it represented the difficulties of peer pressure, and how it made them realize that taking drugs just wasn't worth it, man. I think too many of them were distracted by the Abercrombie & Fitch store directly ahead of them, though.

Anyway it's been awhile since I've felt violated by my television, so it's good to know some bright ad whiz out there is earning his or her keep.

Neither infancy nor narcotics can be blamed for my lying passed out in my car in the parking lot outside my dentist today, but there you have it. Let's call it SAD, in one way or another. I nearly fell asleep at the wheel while driving to my appointment in lovely Gaithersburg, Md., but made it there 45 mins. early nonetheless. Instead of going into the waiting room, I cozied up to the driver's side window and took a nap, wondering what would happen if someone came up to one of the cars parked on either side of me. I kept having visions of people laughing it me, or calling 911, but the double-edged sword about suburbia is that you could do anything but have sex in your car and no one is going to notice or do a damn thing about it.

Anyway, I walked into my dentist's office feeling refreshed, yet slightly disturbed at how necessary the car-nap had seemed.

If you know the D.C. area, you might say, gee Christina, you must like traffic! Otherwise why would you go out to Gaithersburg from downtown? Are you a Costco member?

But see, I've been going to this dentist for about 28 years. 28 years and they still call me Christine instead of Christina. They still play some vaguely country music on the loudspeakers, though it's not as hardcore as it used to be. They don't carry Highlights anymore, but they still have Town and Country.

They're still as nice as pie and ask about my siblings, because they remember when we all used to come together, with my mom. No matter how much you go through in life -- peer pressure, braces, aging and pain -- it's always the same at Schneider Family Dentistry. There's weather, there's vacations, there's holidays, there's floss, there's family, and there's your next appointment in six months. That's something. No?


  1. Anonymous11:29 AM

    Ahh... that's sweet! I liked Highlights, but I loved Cricket better. Did they used to have that in the waiting room?

  2. Cricket... I forgot about Cricket. But I don't think they had it. I could be wrong!

  3. Anonymous6:18 PM

    I've never heard of Cricket. I liked Highlights, I remember sitting and reading them in the waiting room of my shrink's office as a little boy.

  4. Anonymous9:52 PM

    that's a creepy smushed lady there on your page.

  5. Anonymous8:06 PM

    i thought of a good nickname for this blog: UncMo

  6. That is a good name, though it also could be a good name for a music festival, a new hot real estate area or a creepy relative

  7. Anonymous10:17 AM

    Funny I am doing an employment verification for someone who works there. I have to print out 3rd party verification of the address and phone #'s of companies, so I googled it and your blog came up! And it's actually the same Schneider Family Dentistry! First time that's happened....


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