Tuesday, March 21, 2006


bunnyGenerally speaking, I don't like spring. People are vocal about their yearning for the change of season, but here's what it means to me: rain, fluctuating temperatures, crippling hay fever (the only kind of "spring fever" I know) and pressure to clean things even more than I already clean them (which is plenty, thanks).

My feelings about the season can be best expressed by this photo of an Easter display at Duane Reade that I took a few years ago in New York. At the time, I was rounding the corner on a depressing walk through the Flower District from my depressing apartment in Murray Hill to my depressing job near Penn Station. I don't typically pay a ton of attention to drugstore window displays, but something about this one struck me when I looked closer.

I'm guessing that the third bunny to the right was a "Secret Surprise" indeed, judging by his companions' appearance. Godspeed little ones, I know your pain!


  1. Anonymous4:53 PM

    i like me the summertime, because the living is easy and from time to time one will see a catfish jumping.

  2. Anonymous9:09 PM

    Gawd I love that photo -- it is a KlassiK!

  3. Anonymous8:57 PM

    That is a singularly depressing photograph. I always thought it was a gyp those damn things were hollow. Did I ever tell you when I was a kid I like to bite the eyes off chocolate bunnies and scream "STOP STARING AT ME!!" ? OK -- that's an old Emo Phillips joke, but if I squeeze hard enough, it almost feels like a real memory. Hope Spring '06 is full of less melted confectionary -- for all of us! ;)



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