Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Aging Gracefully.

This blog celebrates its one-year birthday today, with an apple martini and a check in the mirror for new wrinkles. Here is how it began, if I may quote from the introduction:

For me, when it comes to the creation and/or perception of socially painful situations, there's simply one thing to do: hold on to them, burnish them, and involuntarily relive them from time to time over the next several hours, days, weeks, or years. I guess this comes naturally to someone whose earliest conscious memories involve wetting herself at points well past potty-training age.

Is there any way to exorcise it all? Probably not, but I can share the discomfort with you. Isn't that what the Internet is all about?

Here's to many more uncomfortable moments. And maybe, as tha pb dot c suggests, a few comfortable ones. Opinions on the matter are welcome.

The title of this post is meant to be ironic. If you get mistaken as the "new intern" on your first day of your job when you are actually 33 at the time, that is not "aging gracefully." That is called "a failure to evolve."

In any case, I have informed my employers at said job that I am going my own way, after two years there. The bosses had very kindly allowed me to keep my D.C.-based job as I moved out to San Francisco, even though it was a concept that, in reality, appealed to no one, except for my insecure bank account.

The question is, what to do now. I tell people I'm going to freelance, and that I want to write more. This is true. I imply that I actually know what I'm doing. This is not true.


  1. Anonymous11:34 AM

    can 'uncomfortable moments: the novel' be far off?

  2. Only if I can get Jennifer Weiner to write it, ha

  3. Anonymous4:04 PM

    Hey -- JW wrote the intro to my Ex-Wife's first book!

    Actually I think UncMo would make a great compilation/non-fiction work -- collect and categorize people's UncMos, and start each section with your own apropos UncMo, so you sort of act as a master of ceremonies, thread your own stories throughout, but wind up with a volume chronicling the uncomfortable human condition -- very marketable!

    Send me the check for 10% at your convenience!

    Happy Anniversary, by the way -- I can't believe I've been reading this rag for a whole year now! ;)

  4. Uncomfortable Moments brand deodorant.

    Whatever you do you will kick ass. You write like a champ.

    Much better than Klosterman btw.

  5. Encouraging statements = warming to my fearful heart.

    Z, I would like to start publishing your UncMos. Each bound version of UM would come with a complimentary sample of UM deodorant.


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