Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Wine-Pairing Master Class.

Today I was intrigued to discover in one of my food magazines a service called eWINE match, "Your tool to finding the perfect wine pairing for your meal."

I enjoy fine foods and I enjoy fine beverages, but I am too lazy to pair them properly. It's sort of like my fashion sense: I can buy a good pair of shoes, and I can buy a lovely outfit, but Google has a better chance of putting together a cohesive ensemble than I do.

So I was excited to go to eWINE and have it tell me just what to drink with the cheeses I had bought. First, I typed "ricotta salata," which I was already disrespecting with some hastily cooked tomatoes and crostini.

The results: Greg Norman Sparkling, Meridian Pinot Noir, Matua Valley Paretai Sauvignon Blanc.

Interesting! I would not have guessed that, I thought. Let's kick it up a notch: I went to type in brebiou, a sheep's milk cheese I like... except I typed "brebious" by mistake.

Amazing! Despite my typo, eWINE still came up with a chardonnay, a cabernet sauvignon and a zinfandel. Huh, I thought. I would not have put those together.

I decided to give it a serious challenge. Going back to the search box, I entered a new term: "crap."

A real soldier, eWINE still delivered. Apparently Meridian Central Coast Sauvignon Blanc pairs well with crap, unless you search for "crap" second time, in which case Gabbiano Pinot Grigio would be your top result.

Personally, I have always been stumped in terms of what to pair with Dubble Bubble. How to play off its chalky sweetness? Beringer Founders' Estate Chardonnay, says eWINE.

And what about something more spicy, such as Crest? If you want to brush right, take eWINE's suggestion and rinse with Chateau St Jean Sonoma Chardonnay. Its "floral notes with nuances of pear and honeydew" meld perfectly with this ADA-approved aperitif.

Hallelujah, Internets!

What pairings are you seeking lately?


  1. i paired bbq roasted chicken wings with greens and floated them in a big ol bowl of noodle soup ... china style.

    also i paired my evangelical agnosticism with some prayers, which was weird. think "are you there um, whatever you are, it's me, pbdotc" and you're close.

  2. Anonymous7:20 PM

    The eWINE search engine recommends only reds with sweaty balls, although one must imagine that a Riesling with sufficient bite and snap might be a good match as well.

    This is a fun toy to play with.

  3. I feel better now knowing what wine to drink if I were to start consuming crap....

    But, seriously, this is a fantastic website--thanks for sharing.

  4. Actually, in my wine pairing experience, much depends on who made the crap, how the crap was prepared, and what accompanies the crap. Crap with Crest can be a particularly difficult pairing, but add Double Bubble and it's virtually impossible.

    Nice post Christine


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