Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Pass It On.

I put this page up approximately 10 years ago.

First of all, is anybody out there still weirded out when they can say things such as "I've known so-and-so for 20 years," or "Yeah, that was 10 years ago?" I mean, I feel like I was born 10 years ago. And then, the World Wide Web came along a few years after that. No?

Anyhow, Haruki Murakami is like this awesome vacation spot you found that eventually got overrun by tourists just like you. His novels and short stories are bizarre affairs marked by disappearing women, pensive men, impeccable clothing, jazz and whiskey. He has also written nonfiction, about the sarin gas attacks in Tokyo and about running. He is an author the way Christopher Walken is an actor: He inhabits different roles, but is always resolutely himself.

I was really getting into Murakami when I typed up his short story and put it on that page, which has languished on my other site, which additionally has languished on the vast Internets, in the decade since. But what's nice about the Web is that people can find just about anything. And everyone once in awhile, one of them will write to me. Here is the most recent note:

I am just writing to let you know that your painstaking transcription of Haruki Murakami was not in vain. I just read the story and it reminded me of stories my dad used to tell me. I started scanning the book to send it to him in email, but my scanner is very slow. So I decided to take a look around the internet to see if I could save some time. Anyway, I googled "The Second Bakery Attack" and your transcription came up. Thanks for doing that.

It's nice because most of the time, I am never the person who put up that thing you were looking for. That song, that movie clip, that image from the '80s, that commercial... I greedily consume it all and link to it all and rarely contribute. I leave it to the saints of YouTube and imeem. But in this one instance, I am helping out people who want to know and/or share what this author is about. Also, I am committing copyright infringement. But I hope the spirit of the former helps mitigate the latter.

Anyway, I recommend "The Second Bakery Attack" and anything else by Murakami. If you like what's on that page, get the collection from whence it came, The Elephant Vanishes.

Music: "Star Crossed Lovers"


  1. i recommend the pabst blue ribbon

  2. Anonymous7:10 PM

    I am very uncomfortable with the amount of time that's gone by in my life. On the one hand, I'm really happy that I'm about to celebrate my 12th wedding anniversary. On the other hand, I'm thinking, "how did that happen? Didn't we just get married a few years ago?" This spring I will have been out of law school for a decade, and high school for 20 years. How??

    I'm glad someone was kind enough to thank you. The little things can be wonderful.

  3. Anonymous6:12 PM

    These gestures are never appreciated. In the end, you are left to savor only the isolation and extreme loneliness brought about by your rejection.

  4. ^
    who's the anony-douche?

  5. Wish I knew so I could thank them for spreading the sunshine!

  6. Update: Anonymous comment was an in-joke from a friend and I didn't get it at first. No douchery!

  7. I just stumbled across your Second Bakery Attack post... thanks, I really enjoyed reading it. I also liked the provenance story- typing it up at work, not getting a reaction etc. Very Murakami-esque in itself, and so is somebody on the other side of the world finding it and commenting, I thought. :-)


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