Wednesday, July 08, 2009


These ads have kind of worked on me lately. Well, I guess technically they haven't worked, because I haven't consumed any of these items. But I made a note of them for possible future consumption rather than ignoring the ad like I usually do.

1. McCafé. This campaign is everywhere -- TV, Internet banners, and print -- and it's making me strongly consider walking in to a MAC-Donald's and ordering a McCafé mocha. I don't know whether it's the boldly incongruous accent over the 'e,' the sassy cursive font, the relentless use of whipped cream in their promotions, or that I just want an excuse to walk into a McDonald's. Hell, I don't even entertain the notion of whipped cream on my beverages, as a rule. These ads are so skillfully rendered that they make me want the whipped cream, maybe more than the actual beverage.

2. Double Twist mascara. Two mascara wands -- one red and one black -- swirl together like a DNA molecule, suggesting that my eyelash genes may actually change if I use this product. Jessica Alba's lashes miraculously swell and elongate after she looks to the camera asking if another take is needed. It's just like what happens when I am on the set in front of my cameraman, by which I mean in my bathroom in front of my nicked rental-apartment mirror.

3. Nationwide. You know what, Jackie Walker, it's true. I do think that you insurance companies just take my money and then, when I have an accident, there's a problem. You say you have an accident-forgiveness policy? Thanks, Jackie. I do believe you are on my side.

4. Miami Social. I don't know what this is. I think it's on Bravo. But I saw an ad for it on the TV and any show named Miami Social sounds great to me.


  1. Confessario: I strolled into a Mickey D's and ordered a McCafe within the first week this ad campaign was launched several months ago. It was SO disappointing. First of all, it is made with real coffee beans and the McD slaves have to unshackle themselves from the grill or register or softservestuff station and go over to a giant McCafe Machine and start pouring in beans and other secret ingredients. After about 10 minutes, you get a cup o' curdled mess with ice and whip all mixed up (so gross) and it tastes very off. Don't let yourself do it. Do the burgers in the photos look like they look when you unwrap them from their soggy, squashed state? Nunca!

  2. When you bought the McCafe, did you spend the money you could be saving with Geico?

  3. I had to get rid of it ... it wouldn't stop looking at me!

  4. This report from the McCafe frontlines saddens and disturbs me. Still, I am thinking of taking advantage of Free Mocha Mondays.


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