Thursday, August 06, 2009

Vanity Plates.

Every morning I drive to a corporate campus in Virginia and am struck by how many vanity license plates I see in the parking garage on my walk into the office. Is it Virginia, or my company?

It takes a certain amount of wherewithal to get a vanity plate. I don't know about you, but every time I'm at the DMV, I'm just trying to get shit done. I haven't thought about what my license plate is going to look like. Then I see these plates and I'm like damnit, why don't I have a vanity plate? To me, they fall into the same category as tattoos: I'm a bit skeptical, but secretly, I wish I could be that oriented toward defining myself, that creative and self-aggrandizing with my time. Whoops, okay, I have a personal blog. I am that oriented toward defining myself, that creative and self-aggrandizing with my time.

Here are some plates that have struck me lately:

OMG WTF: Best license plate of all time.
21 FRVR: Someone stole my plate, except it would be 14 FRVR
GUI GRL: Work nerd
FX GUY: Work nerd
4 OBS: I see this car every damn day and it haunts me. There is also a sticker on the car with four stick figures, so I assume it refers to the family. But what is OBS? Are they all gynecologists??

What would your vanity plate read?


Anonymous said...

Hi Christina,

A few days ago, I was taking a break from studying and I Googled, "Haruki Murakami short stories." I came across your website, read "The Second Bakery Attack," and proceeded to get my friends to walk with me to the nearest McDonald's so that I could pig out on a Big Mac.

I just wanted to let you know that I admire Murakami too and am very grateful that you decided to post the story!

Best of luck,
A fellow Murakami fan

Christina said...

This comment makes me so happy! Thank you.

Jon-chan said...

God only knows if you read your comments from this far back but my personal favorite license plate read:


Which I can only assume was supposed to be an elderly sailor as opposed to an aged prostitute. Either way, kudos to that driver.