Wednesday, January 06, 2010


Then he texts, "fa sho." How do I respond to that? -- Teen girl talking to fellow teen girl at the gym

That was not an accident. You did that on circus. -- Toddler to her mother in Target

I wanted to round this out with a third instance, but once you're looking for good soundbites, you won't hear them, even if you happen to be visiting the Motor Vehicle Administration and you're No. 139 and they're serving No. 109 when you sit down on the hard metal bench, surrounded by annoying conversations, and you try in vain to hear something worth repeating before you finally step up to the window and get a long overdue state-appropriate driver's license with a photo that is actually less flattering than you expected, even though what you expected was pretty bad, but you do manage to pass the eye test, which has you feeling good because you know your days of being able to skate around without glasses or contacts are numbered at this point.

Music: "Moving Clocks Run Slow"


  1. Woman I used to work with, years ago, disclosing her guilty weekend pleasure: "I like to sit up in bed and watch Tarzan movies on TV. I guess it's one of my childless wimps."

  2. I like it. My mom had a coworker who described baldness as a "receiving hairline."

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