Wednesday, June 23, 2010

It's Let It Go Day.

According to one of the newsletters in my inbox, today is Let It Go Day. It's also National Pecan Sandy Day, but let's focus on the former.

One description I found says:

Free yourself from all negative thoughts and worries. Its time to let them go and allow the positive into your life in order to heal yourself.

That's kind of a tall order. I mean, there's a lot I need to let go, and one day isn't going to cut it. Still, it's a worthy idea. Here are some resentments I'm willing to let go of, right here and now:

Prince converting to Jehovah's Witness
lima beans
"the social web"
Sarah Silverman
the new dent on my car
The Diet Coke in the free soda fountain at work being inexplicably undrinkable

Wait, I take back the Prince one. I think I need some more time with that. What are you going to let go?

Music: "Let It Go"

I would have linked to Prince's "Letitgo" for my customary song endnote, but he won't let anything survive on YouTube, which is another thing I am not going to let go today.

Actually, maybe this post isn't over. I like the idea of Holding On to It Day a lot better. Here's what else I am not going to let go.

RCN billing
priority parking spaces for anyone who isn't disabled
select comments made to me in 7th grade
strict vegan
people who talk in the Quiet Car
my commute
certain veins

I think I just let go of the pressure to achieve inner peace by letting things go.


  1. Christina,
    I'm not sure whether you are holding onto beets or holding onto your disdain for them. If latter, I'm with you. Every time I eat them -- including last night, with arugula and bleu cheese -- I have a brief terrifying morning-after experience in which I appear to be expelling blood. Not worth it.

  2. Phil -- definitely disdain. Definitely.

  3. Last summer my husband and I decided we needed to get right with beets. I got some fancy Italian beets and grated them and we ate a beet salad. And promptly got very sore throats, as though we'd eaten strep beets. BEETS DO NOT WANT YOU TO EAT THEM, PEOPLE! LEAVE THEM ALONE!

  4. Christina! I really like that, it tickled me. I just started a blog here and I clicked on "next blog" and got to yours. I also am glad to find someone who is bothered by Sarah Silverman, although my reasons could possibly be different...

  5. Anonymous2:55 PM

    No comment about the other comments. My comment is "Let It Go" because the goal is too feel good and one cannot feel good when holding on to a negative thought. It Is Awesome To Laugh, To Feel Good, To Love, To Be Happpy No Matter What!!! God Bless You!!!

  6. You, I like the way you write. And I like the bakery attack.

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