Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Failed Candidacy.

Here's a draft of my speech from my run for treasurer in elementary school. I did not win. Pretty clear signs here that I was no Obama.

Hello. As you know, I am Christina Nunez and running for treasurer. Though I have had no previous experience in this job, I think I could do it, because I am an honest, good student who can take the responsibility of handling money. I am scarcely late or absent, and, if absent, I am responsible enough to make sure I have a replacement. So, when you mark your ballot, remember Christina Nunez for treasurer.


  1. Responsible enough to make sure you have a replacement! Because treasurers in elementary schools are busy, like, 24/7. You've got my vote.

    I ran for treasurer in elementary school too. I think my mom encouraged me to. I basically felt like maybe giving leadership a go but knew I didn't have what it took to be president? Or something? We had a TV studio at my school so we filmed video candidate speeches. I am embarrassed to say I remember my slogan (which referred to the school store, which the treasurer was responsible for). "Let Deb mind the store, she'll help you save more!" Because, of course, the job of a treasurer is not to amass as much money as possible, but to help people save it. Right? Me, I didn't win either.

  2. Deborah, you must have run a better campaign than I did. I am pretty sure I didn't have a slogan. Like you, I think I ran just because I thought it seemed like a good idea, even though I didn't really want to.

    It helps if your name is Michelle Shih, so that you can have a catchy slogan like "Shih's the One."

  3. My wife wants to know where you found the draft.

  4. :-) I save things. Especially anything written. A lot of what I recently found at my parents', for better or worse, is likely to make its way here.


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