Thursday, February 03, 2011

Uncomfortable Moments With Putin.

Clearing your cache can lead to some unexpected discoveries. Tonight I meant to go to my blog and typed "uncomfor" --

and lo, what do you think comes up in Google's auto-suggest? It isn't UncMo, my friends. It's Uncomfortable Moments With Putin.

My hat is off to this site, a compendium of awkward national leadership rivaled only by Kim Jong-Il Looking at Things.

The search term "uncmo," fyi, brings up a lot of inscrutable results from UNCC, such as UNCC Moodle. I don't know what a moodle is, but I respect that the good people at University of North Carolina Charlotte came up with it, and thus captured search results for uncmo.

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  1. My fave from the site about Kim's gaze:


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