Tuesday, January 19, 2016


To me it's a crying shame, and I know Adele would agree, that when you type the words "frozen video" into Google, that there is no trace, not a shred of evidence, that Madonna ever sang a song with that title, not to mention filmed a clip where she falls onto the desert earth and transforms into a bunch of birds.

That's because all the results are about Disney's rip-off of Snow Queen.

After all the ridiculously mild weather here on the East Coast, a day of bitter wind and twentysomething temperatures feels like an insult. The calendar reminds me that it's just par for the course, or it should be.

The icy dry weather immobilizes my face, walking to the Metro, and I let it. My efforts to smile and cede the way evaporate with all other moisture. My face is a mask, and I haven't even had Botox. Yet.

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