Friday, December 05, 2008

One-Night Stands.

Do you ever find yourself craving a song in the way that you might crave a snack? You just want to hear a specific song, for no discernible reason. It's a really random one, too. Like, you might have to dig around for it. You play it a few times, maybe for one evening or over a couple of days, and then you move on. You probably come back to it from time to time, if it's meant to be. In some cases, you might feel a little sheepish afterward.

It's nice to be called, aurally abducted, by some rogue song in your brain's massive playlist. Almost like catching up with a friend, or sometimes making a new one. Hey there, how you been? I remember the times we had together. You sound the same as you always have. I forgot that you always did that thing on the chorus. And you know, I never understood you on that one verse, what were you saying, anyway? It's good to hear you again. We shouldn't let so much time go by.

This happens to me almost every day. I would like to start sharing these songs here. Maybe you share some of your own. Maybe you assert your opinion on the song in question. Maybe you have a better name for this feature. For now it will be One-Night Stands.

Today's haunt was "Distractions," by Zero 7.

What initially draws me to this song is the opening ethereal keyboard hook and the vocals of Sia, who always sounds like she is chewing on any given music as it travels through her. She is perfect for this, a very strange, cynical and solitary love song.

How do you make a song sound as if it's taking place at night? How do you make it all sound as if the whole thing is already a memory, even as it dwells in the present and future? How do you make it sound lonely?


  1. my mind is too cluttered to think of songs when they are not on. however, i do get very excited when an old gem comes up in the shuffle.

    i also crave fritos.

  2. Anonymous3:31 PM

    I love when I come across a song I forgot I adore. I had that happen with Cracker, and now I'm constantly listening to them. "We ain't got no government loans, and no one sends us checks from home, but guess what? We just do what we want to." Such awesome lyrics that totally brought me back to the trustafarians in undergrad.

    Now I want to find Stephen Tin Tin Duffy. I had him on tape only, and lost it when our hot water heater exploded several years ago.

  3. KPC, you mean like this?


  5. Anonymous3:34 PM

    Thank you!!! You just made me very happy!


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