Saturday, May 02, 2009

One Night Stands: "Left Side Drive"

I always liked the actress Samantha Morton, not only for her performances in Jesus' Son and Sweet and Lowdown but also for introducing me to Boards of Canada via this interview.

It's not surprising that an actor would go for this band. It's music that could pop up in a lounge, but is much more cinematic than most other things in that genre tend to be. The first track I downloaded was "Dayvan Cowboy," a five-minute scene of lonesomeness and crashing cymbals that blows in and then blows out more quickly than you'd like it to, especially if you're listening to it while walking or driving in a particular mood.

Lately I've been absorbed in the clanging slog of "Left Side Drive," which feels like a good accompaniment to enduring something trying, and to coming out the other side.

If anybody else knows about BoC and has tracks to recommend, I'd love to hear.


  1. I love Boards of Canada and stumbled across your post after searching for Left Side Drive while listening to it! I'd recommend Peacock Tail, ROYGBIV, Skyliner (on same e.p. as Left Side Drive, it's called "Trans -Canada Highway, great little e.p.), Chromakey Dreamcoat, Slow This Bird Down, '84 Pontiac Dream, Telephasic Workshop on the first "big" album Music Has The Right to Children. The whole Geogaddi album is worth listening to and can actually be quite scary at times but tracks like Music is Math, 1969 and Sunshine Recorder really stand out. Check out for a load of info on them.

  2. Don't forget pete standing alone and Happy Cycling


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