Monday, November 16, 2009

I Swear, It's for a Friend.

So, I'm at work printing out a travel reservation for this week. I walk over to the printer and my reservation didn't make it, but I see that I have another print job -- sitting alone on the counter next to the printer -- that someone set aside for me.

All of our print jobs come out with cover sheets featuring our name in big type. But the one I found this morning wasn't my travel confirmation. It was this article, which I linked to for work purposes on Friday and apparently printed out by mistake.

The headline type on the printout was big and bold, right there with my username. So that now it appears to my coworkers I needed to print out this article specially for closer reading. Ugh.

Music: "Fitter Happier"


  1. Too funny. Someone left my company to go work on that drug, and we've been laughing at her all along. BTW, women on placebo had sex 3.7 X a month, and women on this drug had sex 4.5 X a month.

  2. At what price, an extra .8 instances of sex per month? Gentlemen?

    I like that the company is German.

    I don't happen to need this pharmaceutical innovation for sex, but could they make one for exercise? I'd take a pill that would get me to the gym .8 more times per month. Maybe that pill already exists, and is called caffeine.

  3. hey! just to say - i'm sure people say it all the time but your murakami posting converted me to murakami, and 2nd bakery attack remains my favourite murakami. Thanks for risking life and limb to type it up!

  4. Awesome, thanks John!

  5. I like that the company is German.

    Ve have vays of making you horny.


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