Thursday, August 26, 2010

Country Song Titles for the Modern Age.

You Just Unlocked the Badge for My Heart

There's No App for Fightin'

My Inbox Is a Ghost Town (Since You Left)

Text Me When You're Sober

Go Check In (With Someone Who Gives a Damn)

Tears on My Profile

Lord, I Was Born to Google

Your Tweetin' Heart

Service Outage Blues

Facebook Ain't Big Enough for Both of Us

Can't Help It (If I'm Still on MySpace)

Any other ideas?

Music: "High-Tech Redneck"


. said...

"Unfollow My Heart"
"She Tagged Another"

Anonymous said...

My baby only loves me during the interstitials


Christina said...

Love it, pb and megreenberg. "She Tagged Another" .... brilliant

mike r said...

I once tazed a man, just to watch him fry.

Christina said...

Oh yes, who can forget the modern miracle of tasing...

hans q. bungle said...

Stand by Your LAN

Anonymous said...

It was a Hard Drive away from my baby's Cache