Friday, November 03, 2006


You know how it is when you have a really good friend that you talk to a lot, sharing the details of your daily life, and then you grow apart some, but not for any good reason other than circumstance, and you each try to keep in touch but sometimes it just feels too overwhelming to tell them everything you want to tell them, but too weird to just keep it to a topline summary, and so you just don't write or call at all, and the distance only gets worse, and you keep telling yourself that you should write or call, but never get to a point where you have the energy to make the contact?

That's how I'm feeling about a lot of beloved but distant friends lately, and also about this blog. After returning from the honeymoon in Hawaii (yep, Hans, Four Seasons Maui indeed kicks ass), I was relieved to feel none of the post-nuptial blues that I've heard about. It was an amazing, beautiful day, a wonderful honeymoon, and I feel nothing but gratitude -- not only because it was a very happy event, but also because I no longer have to spend my free time worrying about things such as limousines, flower arrangements and ridiculously complex makeup configurations.


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