Thursday, November 30, 2006

Things in Which I Place Unreasonable Confidence.

Every once in awhile, it occurs to me that I harbor an unquestioning, almost subconscious esteem for certain things -- and I can't say exactly why. If you put any one of the following items in front of me, I am predisposed to expect that my experience with it is going to be a positive one, even though evidence to support the assumption is uneven at best. Here are mine.

• Modern-Looking Restaurants
• Mickey Rourke
• Starbucks
• Burly, bearded men
• Alcohol
• Fine Jewelers
• Zach Braff
• Upscale gyms
• Airports
• Public radio
• France
• Rufus Wainwright



pbdotc said...

drinkin's a goodun.
and the nyc subway.

put 'em together and you've got pratfalls galore!

Exasperated said...

Korean Kars

KPC said...

Wow! You have my list of things that I know will absolutely annoy me.

Christina said...

I know. Writing that list was like holding up a mirror and not recognizing the person you see inside. But it's all the ugly truth.

Jackson Kuhl said...

KPC is lying. She loves Starbucks.

hans q. bungle said...

autoerotic asphyxiation is a big one for me

Z said...

classic video arcade games
Shamrock Shakes
flea markets
Taconic State Parkway
Lean Cuisine
farmers markets
toilet paper w/aloe vera

hey! this is fun!

KPC said...

I do love SBUX -- and I don't drink coffee.

I wasn't lying about the rest of the list. I almost experienced post-traumatic stress disorder when I saw France and airports on the same list. It brought back the horrible "let's do a physical search of the pregnant American woman" on my last biz trip there (this was two years ago -- I'm not pregnant now!).

hans q. bungle said...

Shamrock Shakes is the best answer we are going to get here. Every year, I look forward to their arrival, and every year, I am disappointed.

Anonymous said...

'autoerotic asphyxiation', that's mine too. That can never be said enough.

slskenyon said...

For me, probably listening to the Chieftains, reading a book that I purchased, and driving through Bridgewater, MA qualify in this category, although those are thoughts "on the fly".

Christina said...

kpc, you are not the first person to mention a French airport horror story, but I suspect yours would win for being the worst.

Should I know what Shamrock Shakes are??